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Countries and Capitals
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Spanish Alphabet:

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Definite/Indefinite Articles:
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* Song of Country Names

* Song from class

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School Supplies/Numbers:

(numbers and "hay" included)

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Subject Pronouns:
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* Vocabulary Quiz
Flashcard practice spelling, speaking & matching
* Vocabulary Practice
For more practice see the left margin of this page.
* Hay and Cuantos Video

* Practice Quiz
For more practice see the left margin of this page.
* Quizlet Flashcards with Audio
Flashcards practice spelling, speaking & matching
* Fill in the Blank Practice

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Regular Present Tense Verbs:
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Gustar, Encantar, & Chocar
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* Possessive Adjective Lesson

* Regular Verb Conjugation
  • Flashcard practice spelling, speaking, & matching

* Lesson Video Review Game==Fill in the Blank==
* Fill in the Blank Practice

* Practice -AR verbs

* Activities Vocabulary w/ Gustar

* Practice Quiz

* Practice -ER/-IR verb

* Practice with Negatives

Personality Adjectives:
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external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-Nbb61XpctPVhE4AbT-1PoeM-JVqntjs76tMbFL_2MudK_e0w

Physical Descriptions& Emotions:external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRM9La0QmxlhtMFUBSUfGUuYUhuZXKdOfTbQKXBKYMfppYvlemF
* Practice with Vocabulary

* Video Lesson

* Flashcard Activities

* True/False Practice

* Estar Practice Video

* Video Lesson

* Agreement Practice

* Ser Pactice

* Emotions Flashcards

Family Members:
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Tener Phrases:

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* Practice with Vocabulary

* Sentence Practice Activity

* Video Practice

* Family Vocab

* Vocabulary Practice

* Practice Game

* Posssession/Family

* Verb Practice