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This year I will be using the Henry Ford Academy Moodle site to provide information for all the Spanish Classes Moodle Website:
Sign in as a guest: Password = hfaStudent access: Students will be given a password in class.
To access Moodle1. click here or type the web address into your browser2. Select Foreign Language3. Select Spanish 1A (or the current class you have, ie...Spanish 3B)4. Sign in as a student or guest
What you will find on the Moodle
  • The syllabus, review sheets,and weekly homework assigments
  • Announcements will be posted on the Moodle as needed.

ON THIS WIKI YOU WILL FIND: -- Extra Help by going to your current class page from the menu on the left. -- Information about our Spanish Travel Abroad program here at HFA.

You DO NOT need to request membership to use this Wiki. It can be viewed by anyone, anywhere.